White Christmas

Woke up to snow in Texas. No work tonight.

Regency Bridge

Went down to Regency Bridge near Goldthwaite, TX. It is an old suspension bridge and only one of only a few left in the state.

One the way out of town I stopped at Cabelas since it has been getting cold at night and it is a long ride home in the morning from work. The under armor was freakin expensive but will hopefully work well.

Stopped at an old cemetery on the way.

Back on the bike and running quick down to the bridge since it was starting to get late in the day. Made the final turn to the bridge and it turned to dirt road. Flew down the last few miles and came to the bridge. Concrete lead up that turned to wood when you got on the bridge. The wood popped and creaked as I went across. Got to the other side and stopped to take a picture or two.


Found 3 kittens living in a culvert near the house. Coaxed them out and brought them inside. They are eating well and playful. Listed them on Craiglist and hope to find them a good home.

New Blog

I have decided to change the format of the website to a blog as it is too hard to keep up with updating the site. There may be new updates to the regular site but for the most part everything will be posted in the blog instead.   

Hoping to get my Florida ride report up soon.


Welcome to my blog. Please check back soon for new entries.


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